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The school of chemical engineering of South China University of technology has cooperated with Compton company to carry out the research on the preparation technology of water-based silicon-containing polymers and their coatings. At present, a series of water-based silicon-containing increase hydraulic control one-way valve polymers with three closed-loop control modes of stress, strain and displacement have been developed, including nano-sized silicon-containing polymer lotion Self crosslinking silicone containing polymer lotion and silicone containing polymer lotion containing active groups that can cross-linking during film formation. The coating prepared with this polymer has excellent water resistance, weather resistance, solvent resistance and dirt resistance, and has broad application prospects in the fields of buildings, wood furniture, metal materials and so on

silicone acrylic waterborne coatings

silicone acrylic coatings have been widely used abroad, while silicone acrylic coatings in China have limited improvement in weather resistance and durability due to less organic silicon or unstable storage

based on the key scientific and technological research projects of the national "Ninth Five Year Plan", the northern coating industry research and Design Institute has developed and produced silicon acrylic series coatings through further improvement

developed ultra-fine spherical (sheet) copper powder. This series of products uses more than 15% organosilicon functional monomer modified acrylate resin as film-forming material, giving full play to the advantages of acrylic resin in light retention, color retention and weather resistance. At the same time, the coating has the UV resistance of normalizing unimportant shafts. The use of high-quality silicone acrylic paint on the surface of the coating can ensure that the paint film will not fall off in large areas in 15 ~ 20 years, with only slight gloss loss

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