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Simple commodity packaging has become a new favorite

excessive packaging meets the needs of a small number of people in society, but it causes a series of hazards, such as wasting resources, generating garbage, infringing on the rights and interests of consumers, and promoting the social atmosphere of pursuing luxury. There is a common international regulation on commodity packaging, especially gift packaging, that is, the price of packaging generally cannot exceed 15% of the internal commodity price, and the maximum cannot exceed 20%. Exceeding this standard can be regarded as excessive packaging

recently, in some supermarkets in Xinyang City, Henan Province, a tinned Xinyang Maojian tea scattered in national, provincial and municipal laboratories was placed in an eye-catching position, with prices ranging from 38 yuan to 58 yuan. According to the salesperson, Xinyang Maojian with such a small package is the first time to enter the supermarket. The simple packaged tea of various brands that have just appeared on the market has become the favorite of consumers

seeking transformation and breakthrough is a problem that some industries that once had false prosperity have to consider. Now the elongation of low carbon steel can be calculated according to the following formula. Especially with the reduction of official consumption and gift giving consumption, the market space of high-end tea has been squeezed, and the sales volume has almost been halved. Although Maojian is well-known, its market share is not large. Now it has stepped down from the luxury goods on the tip of the tongue, and walked into the supermarket with plain faces, returning to rational prices

China's "Interim Provisions for stopping profiteering" also has provisions that other price fraud means should be stopped to make profiteering. The State Administration for Industry and commerce also has similar provisions in the measures for punishment of consumer fraud. These regulations define the use of luxury packaging by businesses to raise commodity prices and earn money from consumers in a sense. China has become one of the countries with the most serious situation of luxury packaging. The volume of packaging waste accounts for half of solid waste. 1/3 of urban domestic waste is packaging waste, and more than half of these packaging waste is luxury packaging. In fact, it is the consumers who ultimately suffer from excessive packaging of goods

to deal with excessive packaging, on the one hand, we should strengthen the supervision of commodity production and intensify the crackdown on commodities in violation of regulations; On the other hand, we should manage the consumption of public funds and curb the trend of gift giving with public funds. In addition, consumers should also change their consumption concept and safeguard their consumption rights and interests with the concept of low-carbon consumption and simple life

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