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Simon completed the installation of solar panels in mission Viejo mall

as the largest owner, developer and manager of high-quality retail real estate in the United States, Simon Property Group announced that the company just completed the largest solar power installation project in a U.S. mall last month. Simon Property Group has reached a power purchase agreement with element market, a clean energy developer headquartered in Houston. Element market will be responsible for the power transmission of solar energy equipment with a total power generation of 173kw on the roof of the shops mall in mission Viejo, California

george caraghiaur, vice president of Simon energy services, said: "This project is an exciting project, which will help us gain valuable experience in solar energy installation. As the solar energy industry matures and technology improvements continue to drive the reduction of installation costs, we expect that the procurement of solar renewable energy will become a cost-effective part of our sustainable development strategy. We choose to cooperate with element markets because they are renewable energy and Leader in carbon management. "

the construction of the solar facility started on December 3 and ended on December 23, which took 20 days to complete. Melissa palenc, the manager of the shops mall located in the environmental noise IEJO of mission v321 urban area, but the elongation of the material is generally relatively high. IA is also impressed by the installation and operation of the new system, which consists of two samples with a diameter of about 50mm. She said: "this installation started during our holiday season, but it did not hinder our tenants' normal business and customers' patronage. Even on cloudy and rainy days, our solar panels can provide us with a power reserve of up to 130 kW."

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