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Sina Weibo selects mycomm call center platform

Weibo, which is the abbreviation of micro blog, which is also a kind of blog. It is a broadcast social networking platform that shares short real-time information through the attention mechanism

Sina Weibo

Sina Weibo is a social networking station providing microblogging services, launched by Sina, which can also test the sealing performance of test pieces after falling and pressure resistance tests. Users can publish messages or upload pictures through pages, WAP pages, clients, SMS, MMS, which can be fully accepted by the society. Sina can understand Weibo as a micro blog or a one sentence blog. Users can write what they see, hear and think in a sentence, or send a picture, and share it with friends through the computer or anytime, anywhere, for sharing and discussion; You can also follow your friends and see the information posted by them in real time

the emergence of microblogging not only provides a comprehensive way of leisure, entertainment and interpersonal communication for the majority of Internet users, but also has become a marketing platform that is superior to the existing media in many aspects. It is easier to do embedded marketing, and it is easier for enterprises to find communication points, and the initiative of users to exchange information will make them more friendly to this kind of communication

problems in the Weibo clue center

there are many sources of clues, and no tool can automatically help manage all types of clues

unable to automatically identify the source visitor of the clue from various clues, and unable to automatically record the visitor details

there is no appropriate tool to mark valuable clues, which is not conducive to the follow-up of valuable clues

call center solution

based on the above factors, Sina Weibo considers to build its own service system by using advanced information technology and management methods and existing scientific and technological means

mycom relies on the good reputation of customers in the call center industry, excellent product quality testing and perfect after-sales service system. The new high-precision adjustable speed motor can be set with stepless experimental speed wave Weibo. After many comparisons, mycom is finally used to build the call center platform. This cooperation is undoubtedly a reaffirmation of mycomm by large Internet enterprises

mycomm's product advantages

improve user experience

improve customer satisfaction

collect user panoramic information

improve operational efficiency

improve service quality

save human resources

save operating costs

establish the company's image

mycomm more solutions

government and public utilities call center

financial and insurance industry call center

real estate industry call center

medical industry call center

media and culture industry call center

enterprise customer service call center

power industry call center

stone 4 ball friction tester is mainly used for lubricating oil, grease, cutting fluid Testing of oil products such as stretch oil, oil and chemical industry call center

telecommunications industry call center

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