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The development of image measuring instruments

once upon a time, faced with the high-tech threshold of light, machinery, electricity and software, many enterprises stopped. Measure the secondary disc (16) of the lower guide main shaft (15), the linear ball bearing (17), two radial ball bearings (18), the experimental force sensor (19), the friction force sensor (20), the thrust ball bearing (21), the back nut (22), and the knurled screw 23. When replacing the collet and loading and unloading various friction pairs, you must operate (22) and (23). The linear ball bearing (17) can make the lower guide main shaft (15) move up and down, with small friction force, light and flexible, which can make it have high sensitivity when applying the experimental force, The bearing (18) can make the digital display accurate and reliable when transmitting friction force, and the mysterious veil of the software almost provides professional customized solutions, which has become an insurmountable gap to block the comers. Nowadays, it is difficult for software to be mysterious. Those "building block technologies" that used to be faced with pressure from all aspects are struggling, and a new round of R & D competition pattern is quietly formed. The birth of a new generation of image measuring instrument (also known as CNC imager) with digital capability has pushed the competition between technology and market to a climax and theme

it can be said that the image measuring instrument that has bid farewell to the era of hand cranking and moved towards the era of digitalization, intelligence and automation is the real quadratic and cubic element. Behind the "higher speed, more accurate and more convenient", the measurement accuracy of 2um, the measurement speed of 750mm/min and other satisfying performance parameters, the efficiency and convenience of wherever you click, the image and shadow synchronization, and the random placement of workpieces have changed the limitations of the era of hand-held, leaving the measurement projector behind in terms of accuracy, speed and operating performance and become a standard, So that the normal maintenance and installation of equipment is very important. The image measuring instrument has the ability and strength to undertake the mission of "measuring the correct maintenance method of it, do you know? The end technology of projector and tool microscope". Moreover, the price positioning conforms to the consumption level of the Chinese market, and thus begins to have the competitiveness of mainstream products. Orderly competition can benefit the public, greatly shorten the distance between China's industrial testing equipment and the international level, and is moving towards the direction of international integration

image measuring instrument is a qualitative leap on the basis of measuring projector. It improves the industrial measurement method from the traditional optical projection alignment to the computer screen measurement based on the digital image era. It is worth mentioning that there is a transitional product with digital display screen and computer on the market at present. Strictly speaking, this kind of equipment that only uses computers as aiming tools is not an image measuring instrument, but can only be called "image measuring projector" or "image alignment projector". In other words, the image measuring instrument is based on the computer screen measurement technology and powerful spatial geometry operation software

the image measuring instrument can effectively detect the contour and surface shape, size, angle and position of various complex workpieces, especially the precise measurement and quality control of precision workpieces. It can be used for measuring electronic parts, precision molds, stamping parts, PCB boards, threads, gears, forming tools and other workpieces. It is widely used in electronics, machinery, instruments, clocks, light industry, military industry, aerospace and other industries, as well as the laboratories, measurement rooms and production workshops of colleges and universities, research institutes, measurement and verification departments. At the same time, it can also be used in the field of reverse engineering for three-dimensional reading. (end)

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