The hottest Singapore cioworkshop is held in China

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Singapore CIO workshop held a delegation to visit small I robots for the first time in China. Not long after the National Research Foundation of Singapore launched the Singapore National artificial intelligence core () program, Singapore's oldest and internationally renowned CIO workshop delegation collectively visited small I robots to visit and understand the research and development of intelligent robot technology and industry applications of small I robots, and seek opportunities for transnational cooperation

Not only improve production efficiency and reduce production costs

the sharing and cooperation of artificial intelligence around the world has been fully opened

on the morning of May 18, hosted by the Singapore IT Management Association and Accenture, the 29 year old CIO workshop (frontier technology and Application Seminar) was first selected to come to China and held at the Shanghai headquarters of small I robot. From company introduction, case sharing, discussion of technology and human relations, to the robot exhibition hall visit experience, everyone shouted an eye opener. Singapore Banking CIOs exclaimed: with intelligent robot customer service, we can save a lot of costs; Singapore IT Management Association hopes to serve more than 100000 members with AI technology of small I robots; The head of Accenture said that this trip made the delegation members have a surprise discovery about the core technology and industrial application of artificial intelligence. Everyone is very looking forward to establishing cooperation with xiaoi

cio workshop delegation visits and experiences the small I robot exhibition hall

I really want to design my home like this right away. A member of the delegation said in surprise after experiencing the smart home application of small I robot

CIOs from Singapore Banking Industry exclaimed: we are preparing to establish a large call center. If we have such intelligent customer service, we can save a lot of costs

The CIO workshop delegation communicated and shared with xiaoi robot.

the representative of Singapore IT Management Association told xiaoi robot that their association has more than 100000 members. After they learned about the mature application of xiaoi robot, they plan to use artificial intelligence technology to serve their members, and hope xiaoi robot can join their cooperation

the person in charge of Accenture commented on this activity and said: This is a happy and fruitful morning. Whether visiting the intelligent robot application exhibition hall or meeting exchange, it has opened our members' eyes. Our members are very interested in the intelligent robot technology and application of small I robot, as well as the business model, and look forward to establishing technical and commercial cooperation with small I robot

Singapore CIO workshop successfully held its first event in China

friction and wear experimental machine on metallurgy

on the afternoon of the small I trip of Singapore CIO workshop, Accenture hosted the CIO innovation roundtable with the theme of leading the era of intelligent enterprises in Shanghai. Justin Baide, managing director of Accenture global technology and innovation, and Li Deyi, academician of Chinese Academy of engineering, can only seal machines in China go to the world, Zhang Yizhao, vice president of Microsoft Research Asia, Zhu Pinpin, founder and CEO of small I robot, Frank mokamp, managing director of Accenture's global AI strategic development department, and other industry experts jointly discuss the innovative power to change our work and lifestyle through the full implementation of innovative development engineering. Accenture pointed out that the significance of artificial intelligence in enterprises is not only to improve production efficiency, but also to fundamentally change the mode of economic growth. Enterprise leaders need to prepare for the popularization of artificial intelligence in advance

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