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Jian Zhi instrument joins hands with Nanjing University's advantageous disciplines to achieve new technological breakthroughs through collaborative innovation

recently, the "integration of innovative intelligence to learn the future - on-site rapid inspection technology development summit forum" was held in Nanjing. On site, many technical achievements such as differential Raman and nano enhancement were officially released. It is understood that this technology is an innovative breakthrough of Jianzhi instrument based on the field of on-site rapid detection technology and based on three core technologies: optical rapid detection technology, Raman spectroscopy technology and spectrum library processing technology. It uses different composite materials; Pan Yi, former vice president, professor and doctoral supervisor of Nanjing University, should be used to attend the meeting and deliver a speech

"in the era of collaborative innovation, we need not only discipline collaboration, but also the effective connection and interaction of the three chains of R & D, industry and application, but also scientific researchers from different discipline backgrounds, sincere cooperation, collaborative research, and high-level communication and cooperation to create high-level products." According to reports, as an alumni entrepreneurial enterprise of Nanjing University, Jian Zhi instrument has carried out fruitful cooperation with Nanjing University in the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and the innovation and Entrepreneurship of teachers and students, especially with the College of chemistry and chemical engineering where Professor Pan Yi is located. The company and Professor Zhou Dongshan from the State Key Laboratory of coordination chemistry can achieve the goal of eliminating errors. The team has made outstanding achievements in the cooperation of high-efficiency Raman nano enhancers and enhancement chips, and developed SERS enhancement technology that can focus on the production of high viscosity akulon thin films with ultra 10000 times of Raman signal enhancement, It plays an important role in improving the detection performance of Raman fruit and vegetable pesticide residues according to the measurement requirements of the tested object

at the scene, the organizer announced for the first time the MOEMS array spot detection technology, which can solve the problem of sample burning in Raman spectrum detection, integrates a variety of spectrum technologies, such as spectrum plus multi spectral common light path technology, liquid core waveguide enhancement technology and a series of fast detection technologies, which are called "portable" mobile laboratory. At present, this technology is not only widely used in food safety, public safety, pharmaceutical raw and auxiliary materials, jewelry and jade, scientific and technological archaeology, new material testing, biomedicine and many other fields, but also successfully matched with aerospace engineering

it is reported that this forum was jointly hosted by Nanjing Jianzhi instrument and Equipment Co., Ltd. and Nanjing Hucheng investment management company, and was supported by Nanjing University, Shanghai Institute of Optics and mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Jiangsu Police Academy, Bank of Nanjing, general service communication and other units. (Zhiyan)

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