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The agent representative of sina Leju Dalian Chengzhao call center is the front-line receptionist of sina Leju call center, the window of the company, and the source of more important customer information of the call center. Doing a good job of the front-line agent representative can provide powerful and effective data support for the decision-making department of the company

job responsibilities:

be responsible for answering the call center and providing customers with accurate and professional services such as consultation and answers, complaint handling and suggestions

accept customer services such as consultation, inquiry and business handling

abide by the attendance system, stick to the post, carefully perform various service tasks, and achieve efficient work

try to learn professional knowledge, grasp the latest business trends in time, and constantly improve business skills. At this time, the oil pump should be repaired

timely feed back customer suggestions, difficulties and complaint hotspots, and assist in the background information collection

job requirements:

college degree or above

proficient in windows and office, with typing speed of more than 50 words/minute

standard Mandarin, clear speech, strong sense of service at the same time, good affinity, communication, coordination and expression ability, adjust the clamping speed knob

have certain adaptability, team consciousness, hardworking spirit, and can withstand strong work pressure; Be able to accept shifts

those who are familiar with real estate policies, laws and other relevant knowledge are preferred, those who have experience in call centers are preferred, and those with excellent conditions can appropriately relax the relevant standards. Sina Leju

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