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Simba unified communication products won the best product award

the results of the 2012 China industry informatization award jointly organized by China informatization promotion alliance, China Computer Industry Association, China Computer News and other national informatization authorities and authoritative media were officially announced, Simba communication (Unified Communication cloud platform) of Beijing Shiji Aotong Technology Co., Ltd. won the product of the year award

in this selection, the organizer of the larger size competition will interview and investigate at least 1000 enterprise users through various ways, and the user recognition and expert evaluation committee will jointly determine the list of winners. After three months of fierce competition, Simba communication (Unified Communication cloud platform) finally won the 2012 best product award

simba liv electromagnetic directional valve 1 is always on state e communication (Unified Communication cloud platform) is a real-time communication and communication system for internal personnel of the government, military, large organizations, enterprises and institutions launched by century Aotong. Based on the cloud computing architecture, Simba software terminal is the unified message portal, Internet/local area is the transmission platform, and the organizational structure of the unit is the center, integrating instant messaging, file transmission, VOIP voice Unified communication service integrating HD video conference, SMS and other communication functions. Various institutions and organizations of different sizes can rely on Simba unified communication to improve staff efficiency, strengthen business collaboration, optimize customer service, and enhance competitive strength

simba unified communication cloud platform is the most integrated unified communication system in China at present. It seamlessly integrates enterprise instant messaging, HD video conferencing, global distributed IP, conferencing, information portal and other enterprise level unified communication services with multi business integration. The system includes: unified communication private cloud platform, hybrid cloud platform, operation platform and local deployment version

Naisbitt, a famous American futurist, once pointed out that future competition is the competition of management, and the focus of competition lies in the effective communication between the internal members of each social organization and its external organizations. Century Aotong has more than 10 years of technology accumulation in the field of unified communication and collaboration. Relying on its deep understanding of cloud computing and unified communication mode, century Aotong has become a new leader in the field of unified communication and cloud computing in China. It is committed to building an unimpeded bridge between networks for countless enterprises, and measuring the moving distance technology of the beam with its own keen insight and advanced sensors to help enterprises integrate people The seamless and flexible connection between people and enterprises is transformed into strategic assets, and the energy of cooperation is fully tapped to obtain competition. Do you still not understand the functional characteristics of the cast iron hydraulic universal testing machine? Advantages

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