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Sine electric made its debut at the 17th China International Equipment Manufacturing Expo recently, it was learned that the 17th China International Equipment Manufacturing Expo was held in Shenyang from September 1 to 4. The exhibition of industrial automation equipment, new energy and environmental protection equipment, and high-end intelligent equipment covered a wide range of products in many fields. Its wide range, strong professionalism, and high scientific and technological content were the highlights of the exhibition. As a national high-tech enterprise and a well-known brand enterprise in Shenzhen, Baoan enterprise sine electric, with intelligent frequency converter and servo, announced that "the lion of China has awakened" drive products appeared at the exhibition, injecting new vitality into the development of the manufacturing industry

the upgrading of the manufacturing industry is inseparable from the innovation of technology and the efficient application of products. For many years, sine Electric has adhered to the strategy of technology and product innovation, independently developed and established core technology platforms such as high-performance variable-frequency vector control, servo drive, elevator control, power electronics, and customized special products and solutions for customers after adjusting and adding proportion. It has been used in construction hoisting machinery, engineering machinery, petrochemical industry Cable equipment, printing and packaging, metal processing and other industries have rich system products

in this exhibition, sine electric appeared with three products: a90 series frequency converter, which is a special frequency converter suitable for the application of air compressor, extruder, fan and water pump, and technically supports three-phase AC asynchronous machine and permanent magnet synchronous motor; Support vector VF control technology (VVF) and speed sensorless vector control technology (SVC) improved by a variety of international leading drive control technologies; Support two output forms of speed and torque; Ea180 series servo driver is a high-performance medium and small power AC servo unit developed by sine electric. It has the characteristics of high integration, small volume, perfect protection and high reliability, and meets the different requirements of cost and performance. It can be widely used in the automation fields such as CNC machine tools, printing and packaging machinery, textile machinery of plastic raw materials museum located on the second floor of the exhibition hall, robots, automatic production lines, etc; Em600 series inverter is a high-performance vector inverter launched by sine electric, which can reduce the carbon footprint at the same time. It is suitable for open-loop and closed-loop control; Realize the control of all motors, whether induction motor or synchronous motor (IPM motor/spm motor), can realize high-performance current vector control; Support a variety of internationally leading drive control technologies; Support two output forms of speed and torque; Support expansion i/o expansion card, communication bus expansion card and various PG cards

with advanced technical support, efficient and safe technical application, sine electric continues to explore and innovate, provides equipment and technical support for many industries, and gives full play to the advantages of Baoan intelligent manufacturing. Its products have been put into use in many elevator systems and construction projects, helping to improve automation applications in various fields. This exhibition will show the strength of enterprises, explore more cooperation modes, and help the industry develop better

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