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Simple labeling machine

simple labeling machine is composed of machine table, guide device, conveyor and conveyor belt. There is a movable seat on the machine table, a telescopic rod on the movable seat, a rotary table under the machine table, an bevel gear transmission screw at the rotary table, a protective tube outside the screw, a lifting table at the top of the protective tube, several lifting rods at the bottom of the lifting table, and no key blocks above, a box is erected on the lifting table, a keyway matching the key blocks is set at the bottom of the box, a screw is set under the box, and extends through the fixed block of the lifting table to connect the runner. This kind of runner can be adjusted to adapt without assuming that the microcomputer has strong function and can directly print the packaged goods with the same diameter. The turntable can be adjusted to adapt to the packaged goods with different heights

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