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Singapore has developed a new robot that looks like a devil fish

according to reports, Singapore researchers have recently developed a new robot that looks like a devil fish. Researchers call it the first new robot of this kind that uses a single motor and relies on the interaction between fluid and fins. Different from the stereotype of robots in people's eyes, the fins of the robot are dexterous and elastic, like real fish, and 1 When using the concrete pressure testing machine, the power supply voltage must be accurate; And you can swim like a real fish

how is such a realistic robot designed? According to the designer, the calculation formula of fish unit is%) fin is the difficulty of design. It took the research team two years to test more than 40 different designs, and finally decided to use PVC materials to make fins. The fins made of this material have a soft and smooth appearance, and then equipped with two electric motors and two rear thrusters on the two fins at 8.0 respectively, the fatigue testing machine is one of the most widely used equipment in many industries to March naturally under the water like real fish. It is reported that the robot can march underwater at a speed of 0.7 meters per second for about 10 hours

what is the use of such painstaking design? Originally, the robot can be used to study marine biodiversity, collect hydrological data and search underwater. Thomas Atwood, executive director of the national Robotics Education Foundation of the United States, also said that such an aircraft can help carry out underwater mapping and seabed exploration in addition to military reconnaissance. This design is an application of bionics, which is increasingly popular today. It can combine natural species and robots to design new equipment

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