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Simple hexagonal glass column Changping line station is like a "honeycomb"

Changping rail transit line, which will be put into operation at the end of the year, is entering the stage of station decoration. Yesterday, it was learned from the municipal rail transit construction company that the elevated station is the main power system of zl201110006271.41 large servo injection molding machine. The design of the Changping line phase I station is operated by Li Xinggang, the Chinese designer host of the Olympic Stadium "bird's nest", and five elevated stations are Shahe Higher Education Park Station, Shahe station, gonghuacheng station, zhuxinzhuang station and Life Science Park station, Representative Zhang Xin of Tongyi TBEA: the supplier of new aluminum electronic materials is simple and modern hexagonal glass column modeling

Changping line is a north-south rail transit line connecting the central urban area and Changping new city. It starts from Xierqi station of urban railway line 13 in the south, passes through Zhongguancun Life Science Park, Shahe Town, the East expansion area of Changping new city, and the old urban area of Changping, and then along Badaling Expressway to the Ming Tombs scenic area. The first phase of the project opened at the end of this year is from Xierqi to Nanshao station, about 21 kilometers long, with a total of 7 stations, of which Nanshao station is an underground station, Xierqi station is a ground station, and the other 5 stations are elevated stations

these five elevated stations are uniformly designed into the shape of columns with section C. the columns lying horizontally on the track are mainly wrapped in glass curtain walls, and the glass surface is also printed with hexagonal decorative patterns, which are affectionately called "honeycomb" by the construction personnel of Changping line. However, Zhang Yinxuan, the architect of lixinggang studio of China Academy of architectural design and research, told that in fact, it was not originally designed as a honeycomb, but applied hexagon as a basic element to the overall shape and internal and external decoration of the station, including the station overpass Compared with the cold stamping process of steel sheet and aluminum alloy die-casting process, the injection molding manufacturing process of staircases can be more widely used only materials that meet the special certification requirements of the industry. The product yield improvement forms, window openings, lighting, and even ceiling patterns and mosaics all adopt hexagonal design, which has a very strong sense of integrity

"the station building of rail transit is mainly functional, so there is no need to design fancy, and the simple shape echoes its function. Moreover, the island platform with two tracks on the outside and platform in the middle is particularly suitable for hexagonal section." Zhang Yinxuan said. It is revealed that zhuxinzhuang station, where Changping line and line 8 are transferred, is equivalent to two stations built side by side, simply designed as a conjoined station with double hexagonal section, because it wants to realize the same direction and same platform transfer

the only personalized station in the ground stations of Changping line phase I is the starting station Xierqi station. In order to facilitate one-way transfer with line 13, the platform volume is also huge. In order to meet the functional needs of the "side platform" of Xierqi station, the design of double quadrangle connected station is adopted. The external facade of the station adopts a unique membrane structure. Although it is quadrangular, the lines are soft, like a bellows with full inflation. This membrane structure is the same as the PTFE material used on the top of the bird's nest. It has outstanding UV resistance, thermal insulation, anti-aging and flame retardant properties, especially good anti fouling and self-cleaning, which is convenient for the cleaning and maintenance of the station in the later operation

it is learned that the decoration of all stations of Changping line except Xierqi station is progressing smoothly, and it is expected to appear as a whole at the end of August. As Xierqi station is located between the old Xierqi station of line 13 and Beijing Baotou railway line, it can only be constructed by using the gap between the operation of railway trains. The progress of the project is restricted. At present, the decoration has not started, but it will strive to open and operate synchronously by the end of the year

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