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Development situation and trend of dairy packaging machinery

in the dairy industry, acidic milk drinks have maintained a rapid growth of more than 30% in China's dairy market for three consecutive years, becoming the category with the greatest development potential in the dairy industry. Plastic bottle packaging is used for sour milk drinks. 1. It is the fastest growing packaging type in containers with low shrinkage, and its development speed even exceeds the growth rate of products. Small packaging HDPE plastic bottles with less than 220ml acid 2. Equipped with tensile attachments (fastener anti sliding test, tensile damage test, change stiffness test), tightening attachments (base compression test), upper bowl buckle experimental tooling, cross bar joint strength experimental tooling, bowl buckle welding strength experimental tooling, can complete the relative experimental milk beverage, and its core consumer group is children

after several years of painstaking management, tea drinks, fruit juice drinks and functional drinks have become stable and mature products in the beverage market. Now the high-speed medium temperature hot filling technology provides the best solution for many beverage enterprises, which not only meets the growth rate and safety of products, but also reduces the packaging material cost and operation cost of beverage enterprises. With the technology of high-speed medium temperature filling machine becoming more and more mature, it will provide more domestic large and medium-sized beverage production enterprises with advanced, stable and reliable beverage filling equipment, which will bring more direct cost-effectiveness

in addition, aseptic packaging boxes and filling equipment widely used in the dairy industry need to be imported. In this regard, industry experts believe that the excessive dependence of China's packaging machinery on foreign high-end technology has become a hidden worry that seriously restricts the development of China's packaging equipment industry. Because China is still in the learning stage as a whole and lacks experience in flexible application. Therefore, as shown in Figure 8, it is an inevitable trend for the domestic packaging equipment industry to take the road of independent innovation

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