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The potential of waste heat power generation in China exceeds 50million kW

Wang Jianjun, general manager of Tianhao Energy Conservation Technology Co., Ltd., said that based on the waste heat resource stock in some developed fields, China's new installed capacity of waste heat power generation reached 16.3 million KW; According to the annual energy consumption and energy-saving potential of major high energy consuming enterprises, the potential of waste heat power generation in China is more than 50million kW

industrial processes produce a certain amount of waste heat, which is called "waste heat resources". After recent years' development, waste heat power generation has been successfully applied in cement, glass, steel, chemical industry, nonferrous metals and other industries. Contract energy management is an effective energy-saving measure

days of experimental data can not be saved and printed) Hao energy conservation took the lead in adopting EMC (contract energy management) mode in the waste heat power generation industry. Since its establishment in May 2007, the company has signed 28 contracts for waste heat power generation projects in EMC mode, with a total installed capacity of 240000 kW. Among them, 13 projects have been put into operation, 7 projects under construction and 6 projects under planning and design. The use of material testing machines is limited to a few fields such as metals

next, in the precise and reliable EMC mode of Tianhao energy conservation, Tianhao energy conservation is responsible for the investment, design, construction, operation management and handling of various procedures of the waste heat power generation project. The cooperative enterprise provides construction sites and waste heat resources, the power generated is used by the cooperative enterprise, and the project income is shared by both parties for a long time

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