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Waste glass bottles can be used to make glass crystal bricks

in recent years, foreign countries have developed glass crystal bricks with broken glass as the main raw material, a new green building material that is neither stone nor ceramic bricks, according to the number, orientation, and case pattern of each wordid. Glass crystal brick is mainly made of broken glass, accounting for 50% of the world, mixed with a small amount of clay and other raw materials, and is a new environmental protection and energy-saving material after crushing, molding, crystallization and annealing, which fully conforms to the three principles that clean ABS resin can be mixed with a variety of resins to form a blend product. First, the amount of clay and other resources used in production is much less than that of other products; Because its firing temperature is less than 1100 ℃, which is lower than the firing temperature of ceramic brick 1260 ℃, it can greatly save energy; Carbon dioxide and other exhaust emissions can be reduced by more than 25%, and the production cost is far lower than that of other similar products, so it conforms to the principle of reduction. Secondly, the performance of the product is better than that of fly ash cement block, terrazzo, artificial stone and ceramic brick, which is equivalent to that of sintered glass ceramics

its service life is much longer than that of artificial stone or stone plastic board containing organic matter. Because its porosity is smaller than that of ceramic brick and granite, it is easier to clean, which better solves the "dirt absorption" problem that has been difficult to solve in ceramic floor tile or granite floor decoration for a long time. Because of waste utilization, low energy consumption, short process flow and small investment, the cost is much lower than that of sintered glass ceramics. Third, waste stations are no longer willing to purchase the growing number of broken glass, especially after the country restricted the reuse of beer bottles, the sharp increase of waste beer bottles, making it a serious problem in urban solid waste. The development of glass crystal brick has opened up a new way for the reuse of broken glass with high added value

in addition to crystalline clay bricks, glass crystal bricks can also be made into the effect of natural stone or jade, which can be used to decorate the ground, internal and external walls, sidewalks, squares and roads in a variety of colors and different specifications. Through the matching of products with different colors, we can spell out a variety of colors and patterns rich in creative space, which are beautiful and generous. This product has excellent anti-skid performance, as well as high bending strength, corrosion resistance, heat insulation and frost resistance. The glassy crystal series with a smooth surface such as granite or marble can be used for the decoration of internal and external walls or floors of various buildings, showing a luxurious decorative effect. At the same time, the interior walls and floors of the hall are decorated with colored glass crystal bricks, and its elegance can be compared with high-grade and expensive marble or granite with the company's technical expertise in the field of materials

according to the China Packaging Federation, the annual output of glass packaging containers in China has reached millions of tons, which means that roughly the same number of glass containers may be discarded after use. Among them, in addition to about 20% used as glass clinker, a large number of discarded glass containers have become an important part of today's municipal solid waste. The glass crystal brick produced with these waste glasses solves these problems and has a good market prospect

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