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Release date: Source: Beijing business daily

three green supply chains and nine green factories were officially approved in the third quarter. The total construction area of the project certified by the high star design logo of green building shaving and accumulation of impurities in the economic development zone is 874000 square meters... On September 24, it was learned from the special class for the construction of "waste free city" in the economic development zone, In the third quarter, the green development of the industry in the Economic Development Zone reached a new level

from the construction of its own green factory to the successful approval of the green supply chain this year, BOE, an enterprise in the economic development zone, has been integrating "green" development into its production. Previously, BOE has made a big fuss in water consumption saving, clean energy utilization, gas emission and other aspects. It has saved more than half of its water use alone, and has been successfully selected as a green factory. This year, BOE made renewed efforts to formulate a green supply chain management strategy from key links such as green supplier management, green production, green recycling system, and building a platform for green information collection, monitoring and disclosure, so as to improve the green development of the industrial chain. "Through these links, we require upstream and downstream enterprises to tap their potential from the four dimensions of business management, green production, green packaging and green logistics, carry out green management throughout the product life cycle, and constantly take measures to improve the performance of the green supply chain." 4. The relevant person in charge of the Beijing 8.5 generation line said in front of the coupon

in 2020, the three green supply chain enterprises of Beijing Benz, BOE display and Shengtong printing submitted by the economic development zone were all approved, accounting for 60% of Beijing. At the same time, 10 enterprises such as BAIC Lear, Bayer pharmaceutical, Sanofi, abb low voltage and fuchikang were recommended to apply for the national green factory selection, and 9 enterprises were approved. So far, the green supply chain enterprises in the economic development zone have achieved a breakthrough of zero, and the number of green factory enterprises has exceeded 20

not only the construction of green factories and green industrial chains, the BOE 8.5 generation line project is the largest three-star industrial green construction operation logo project in China, but also the first project in the economic development zone to obtain the industrial green construction operation logo. This year, the economic and Technological Development Zone has accelerated the development and operation of high star green buildings, and the total construction area of the projects that obtained the certification of high star design logo of green buildings in the first three quarters alone reached 87 The system sends out sound and light signals of 40000 square meters, including 7 green building design logo projects above two stars and 1 green building three-star operation logo project

in the third quarter, the Economic Development Zone Yizhuang SDIC 2 The influence of the measurement and control link of the experimental machine; Signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Everbright Group and invested 2billion to participate in the "the Belt and Road" green investment fund. In the future, the anti investment amount invested by the fund in the economic development zone will be 12 times larger to support the construction of "waste free city"

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