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Research Report on the waste incineration industry: the waste incineration market has a large space, and the competition pattern has formed. The strong is always strong.

the industry is not affected by financing difficulties, and the yield is mainly determined by the level of investment and operation management: since the project has stable cash flow after entering the operation period, the waste incineration power generation project is the priority support object of banks and other financial institutions, and there is no problem of financing difficulties. The revenue side is mainly composed of garbage disposal fee and garbage power generation. The cost side of operation mainly includes depreciation and amortization, financial expenses, labor, material costs, etc. from the perspective of business model, typical garbage incineration projects can be understood as epc+o+ investment. The difference between investment capacity (leverage ratio, financing cost) and operation management level (utilization ratio, ton of electricity, etc.) leads to the difference in the return rate of the project

the waste incineration market has a large space, and the competition pattern has formed. The strong will always be strong: benefiting from the growth of per capita domestic waste production and the increase of domestic waste incineration ratio brought by economic development and urbanization, the waste incineration market will maintain high-speed growth during the "13th five year plan" period. It is expected that the annual waste incineration capacity will be increased by 80200 tons/day, and the average annual compound growth rate will reach 17.1%, By 2020, the domestic waste incineration operation market in China will reach 40billion yuan/year. After a decade of development with perfect functions, the marketization of the waste incineration industry has become higher and higher. A number of companies with national or regional competitive advantages have been formed. Leading companies have formed high competitive barriers in the bidding of high-quality projects. Their advantages are reflected in capital, operation, reputation and other aspects. By the end of 2017, Everbright International, with the highest market share, was 11.1%, and CR10 specifically mentioned graphene The number of additive manufacturing materials, nano materials and superconducting materials exceeded 49.1%. At the same time, benefiting from the expansion of processing capacity brought by the reconstruction and expansion of existing projects, the market share of leading companies still has room to continue to improve

sensitivity analysis of project profit: utilization rate of electricity per ton of investment: We analyzed the core driving factors that affect the operation of IRR anchor fatigue testing machine in a typical waste incineration project. 1. We must pay attention to whether the parts are loose. From the perspective of sensitivity, the utilization rate of electricity per ton of investment per ton of garbage disposal fee interest rate level. 1) A decrease of 10% per ton of investment will increase irr16.8%; 2) An increase of 10% per ton of electricity will increase irr16.7%; 3) A 10% increase in utilization will increase irr15.7%; 4) A 10% increase in garbage disposal fee will increase IRR by 5.3%; 5) A 10% drop in interest rates will increase IRR by 3.7%

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