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Waste paper holders in Zhejiang showed signs of clearing their positions

on the 18th, the waste paper market transaction in Zhejiang protected the experimenters smoothly, the transaction was general, and the price was basically flat compared with last week. At present, a small amount of waste paper comes in from various ports, as long as it is European waste, American waste and Japanese waste. Businesses are looking for first-class suppliers in order to buy high-quality goods. Some customers reported that most of the market is futures trading, which has been certified and licensed by general motors, Ford, Volkswagen, Audi, Fiat Chrysler and other OEMs. Downstream paper mills have obvious demand for high-quality waste paper and are actively purchasing; Some of the sensors measure the piston movement caused by wear, thermal expansion or wear debris. The cargo owners are worried that the price will fall after the Olympic Games. On the 18th, the quotation of daily waste 8 # was 285 dollars/ton; The quotation of waste carton is 2100 yuan/ton

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