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The cause and Prospect of information supervision black hole

in recent years, the discussion about information supervision has become more and more popular. However, there is not much practical implementation

the infrastructure construction industry has now formed a more standardized supervision mechanism. As an effective communication bridge between the owner and the construction party, the supervisor can define the scope of construction quality and make evaluation, so as to effectively control the quality and progress of the project. The supervision system of the construction industry has played a good reference role for information construction. However, whether it can be copied mechanically or not, practice has proved that rigid imitation is rarely effective, and adjustments must be made in combination with the characteristics of the industry

1. Reasons for the emergence of information supervision

after the mid-1990s, driven by China's national development strategy of "promoting industrialization with informatization", the wave of informatization construction of governments and enterprises at all levels began to rise continuously. However, according to statistics, about 70% of it projects exceed the scheduled development cycle, and 20% - 50% of large projects exceed the planned delivery time; More than 90% of the software project development costs exceed the budget. From the perspective of software engineering, this is not in line with the high controllability of engineering. Many officials and experts began to think about this problem, hoping to gain experience from the widely used construction supervision. In this case, the "information supervision" (Party C) came into being. Its main role is to define the requirements of Party A (owner), supervise and evaluate the progress and quality of the contractor (Party B). How to use fair, objective and scientific methods and tools to effectively control and supervise the contract, quality, progress and funds of information construction projects is a problem that "party a", "Party B" and "Party C" are eager to solve

2. Current problems of information supervision

standardized and efficient information construction must introduce supervision mechanism, which has become the consensus of many government departments and enterprises. Based on this understanding, on November 28, 2002, the Ministry of information industry officially promulgated the Interim Provisions on information system engineering supervision. It stipulates that information projects with an investment of more than 2million yuan must be supervised by a third party. This has opened the prelude to the scientific and professional construction of China's information and information industry. However, with the implementation of some information engineering supervision, many information supervision companies find that there are many thorny problems in the specific operation level. For example, after receiving a project, the supervision company will write documents such as supervision outline, supervision plan, distribution plan of professional supervision to meet market demand, supervision work summary and so on according to different subsystems of the project to regulate the process and quality of the whole project through the lifting and lowering of the lower beam. However, before "Party B" delivers the project, the "supervisor" cannot see the real "project site" of "Party B". Even if the supervisor adheres to the principle of "five controls, two management and one coordination" (quality control, progress control, investment control, safety control, intellectual property control, contract management, information management and project coordination). However, the whole supervision process will still fall into a "supervision black hole", and problems such as progress delay and capital overspending will inevitably occur

what is the reason? We find that "informatization supervision" largely refers to the supervision mode of the construction industry, but software engineering is different from general engineering such as architecture. First of all, software engineering is highly knowledge intensive, the development process is complex and changeable, and the visibility is very low. The construction industry supervisor can supervise the progress and quality of the project at any time on the construction site. However, there is no construction site for information engineering supervision, and the project progress, fund utilization, software quality and contract execution are also difficult to control. This is the main reason for the poor "operability" and low "visibility" of information supervision in the actual operation process

how can "informatization supervision" achieve fully visual "five controls, two management and one coordination" in the process of implementing supervision? First of all, we should establish national standards for information supervision; Secondly, "information supervision according to different degrees of automation" urgently needs to create a "software construction site" to visualize the project construction process. The concept of "information engineering supervision system" was conceived from this

3. Information supervision system

what is "information engineering supervision system"? Simply put, visualizing the engineering process of information construction can not only monitor the whole process of software development, but also see the progress of the project and the use of funds at any time. Since the whole information construction is completed on this system, from the early demand research to the whole development process (programming, testing, integration, etc.) to the final software delivery, the security and intellectual property issues of the whole project software are ensured. The problem of "information supervision black hole" has been fundamentally solved. In fact, in the construction industry, there is also such a supervision information system

in the past information engineering construction supervision, due to the lack of effective management and communication bridges and tools. It often leads to the distortion of information of Party A, Party B and Party C, difficulties in communication, and even the supervisor cannot accurately obtain the "construction" data of "Party B". Using software engineering supervision system can provide a real-time information interaction system for the three parties, so as to greatly improve the construction efficiency

informatization supervision needs to make every link of software development from project approval to acceptance clear. At the same time, we should also review the documents, codes and repeated system tests of each link in the development process, so as to ensure the software quality. The information engineering supervision system can just achieve this goal. It can carry out all-round visual monitoring and management of the scope, engineering process, construction quality, project process, human resources and the use of project funds of the managed information engineering projects at any time, so as to minimize all kinds of risks as far as possible

In addition, the software engineering supervision system can effectively save the software resources in the construction of information system, accumulate various management models of software project management, and improve the management decision-making ability. It can be said that through this system, a series of problems such as monitoring and management, coordination and communication, and experience accumulation in information construction can be solved perfectly

4. Outlook

at present, the momentum of information engineering construction is getting stronger and stronger, and information engineering construction supervision is in the ascendant in our country. The national standard for information supervision will be issued within this year, which will lay a good foundation for information supervision. Informatization construction cannot be separated from informatization engineering supervision, and informatization engineering supervision urgently needs effective tools, namely informatization engineering supervision system. The popularization and application of informatization engineering supervision system has important practical significance to ensure the healthy development of informatization construction in our country. It is believed that with the in-depth application of information engineering supervision system to China's information engineering construction, China's information construction will go to a new level. (end)

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